Barij Eucalyptus
Cold Relief, Respiratory Infections

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Relieves symptoms of common cold, respiratory infections and catarrh.

Each pack contains 30 soft Barij Eucalyptus capsules.


Based on 140-180 mg  1.8 cineole in each soft capsule.

Instructions and how to use

2-3 times daily, each time one soft capsule to be taken.


Under 12 years of age.

Patients diagnosed with asthma, inflammatory digestive system diseases and severe liver diseases.

Side effects

In rare situations there may occur nausea, vomiting, diarreah and allergic skin reactions such as acne and calluses.

Drug interactions

The Eucalyptus essence irritates the enzyme system of excretion of liver poison, therefore it may decrease the effect of other medicine such as phenobarbital and imfetamin.

If Eucalyptus is used simultaneously with blood glucose decreasing medicine, there may be a great decrease in blood sugar, therefore control may be needed.

Simultaneous use of Eucalyptus with Baritones or plants consisting of Pirolizin Alkalides such as Borage must be prohibited.

Pregnancy and lactation

Use of this product during pregnancy and lactation is not allowed.

Important notes

Keep Eucalyptus Barij soft capsules far from reach of children.

Keep product away from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade temperature.


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