Borage & Lime Tea
Calming, Anti Depressant

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Calming effect on the nerves and good for the heart. Anti depressant, relaxing, relieves cold and flu, strengthens nerves, cures Measles, Chicken Pox.

Each pack contains 12 Sahar Khiz Herbal Borage & Lime infusions.


Relieves Kidney Stone Pains, releases Bladder Stone, cures mouth acne and ulcers, filters blood, relieves anxiety, causes sweat and urine, cures Bronchitis, Asthma, anti cough and cures skin rashes.

Instructions and how to use

Drink daily up to 5 days, twice a day.


Borage must be used with lime in order to heal cold and flu. Excessive consumption of Borage may raise blood pressure, cause dizziness and lightheadedness, therefore it is prescribed with Hyacinth. This Herbal Infusion must preferably be taken twice daily and no more.

Side effects

Excessive use can increase blood pressure. If Borage is taken for more than 5 consecutive days, menstruation will occur.

Pregnancy and lactation

This product is forbidden for pregnant and breast feeding mothers, since it has Alkaloid.


Store at normal room temperature.


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