Dried Organic Hollyhock Flower
125gr - 1/4lb

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Hollyhock flowers are commonly found in Asia and Europe.Their flowers, stems, seeds and roots are all used as both herbal medicine and for nutrition purposes.

Each pack contains 125g (1/4lb) Dried Organic Hollyhock Flower.

Nutritional Use

This product is used to make marshmallows because of its slight sweetness and also tea for relaxation. The colors are ranging from light pink to dark purple. It's Commonly used in natural fabric cotton dye, food ingredient and hot beverages such as tea.

Medicinal Use

 It is used as a pain reliever, laxative and improves gastrointestinal problems.

Side Effect

Stomach ache

Pregnancy and Lactation

Not to be used during pregnancy.

Risk of miscarriage.


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