Echium Mix Herbal Tea
Stress Tonic

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Also known as Echium mix, the flowers and leaves are used as a stress tonic, treats fever, cough, depression, increases breast milk, treats bronchitis and colds.

Each pack contains 14 Echium Mix Herbal teabags.


Echium, Valerian, Lemon Verbena, Lemon, Stevia.


Treats eczema, red itch rashes, improves function of lungs, rheumatoid arthritis, growth and development bin premature infants, relieves stress, fights insomnia, reduces inflammation, normalizes hormone levels and boosts immunity.

Instructions and how to use

Place teabag in a mug and add 200cc hot water, wait for 3-5 minutes and enjoy drinking borage infusion.

Side effects

May cause bleeding disorders, the oil increases the risk of bruising and bleeding and excessive use of tea may cause liver diseases.


Do not use this product before surgery.

Pregnancy and lactation

This product must not be taken during this time due to liver toxicity that may be caused especially in children. Can be taken only in small weak amounts of tea. Good for breastfeeding mothers , since it increases their milk during this time.

Drug interaction

This product interacts with liver medication. Also medication that slows blood clotting interacts with this product. Anesthesia interacts with this product.


This product is added to the formula of infants as borage oil and fish oil which is very good for infants. For rheumatoid arthritis patients 4.5-7.2 grams must be used daily.


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