Mint Mix Herbal Tea

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Mint herbal infusion also known as tisane is available in peppermint and spearmint teas. Soothing, healing, boosts immune system, improves digestion, reduces aches and pains, soothes upset stomach, treats bad breath, combats cold and reduces fever.

Each pack contains 14 Mint Mix Herbal teabags.


Mint, penneroyal rosemary, ziziphora. Caffeine free.


Improves mental awareness, prevents nausea, reduces stress, promotes healthy skin, increases bile secretion, supports healthy cholesterol, relieves gas and bloating, remedy for flatulence and weight loss.

Instructions and how to use

This product is available in fruit-infused mint teas such as apple mint and lemon mint. Place teabag in a mug and add 200cc hot water. Wait 3-5 minutes and enjoy drinking.

Side effects

Heartburn, flushing, headache and mouth sores.


People with acid reflux should prevent drinking mint infusions.

Pregnancy and lactation

Avoid excessive amounts during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, women should avoid drinking peppermint tea.


2-3 cups a day only.

Drug interactions

Antacids and medication that decreases stomach acid interacts with mint. Anti biotics can be taken with mint.


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