Mixed Tea
30 T-Bags

Tax excluded

*IRI-FDA : I.R.I. Food and Drug Association.

Contains Green tea and cardamom powder - Green tea and Jasmine flowers
Packaging T-bag
*IRI-FDA 50/15249 and 50/15251

This package contains 30 Saharkhiz green tea bags.This pack is a wooden box that contains 15 green tea bags of Haleh Saharkhiz bag and 15 green tea bags of Yas Saharkhiz flower bag, which are offered to the market at a reasonable price and quality, and if you drink three or four glasses of this tea during a day then you can get rid of fatigue and be fresh and energetic.As you know, green tea is one of the largest beverages consumed in the world and a delicious source of antioxidants and other natural ingredients, so its combination with cardamom as well as jasmine flower fragrance can bring you a lasting fragrance and flavor.

This Herbal tea is offered in a stylish and wooden package with dimensions of 8 × 25 × 25 cm.


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