Beauty Herbal tea
80 gr

Tax excluded

ingredients: - Sour tea, jujube, Mallow , raisins, marshmallow - 10 minutes brewing time

*IRI-FDA 49/14766

*IRI-FDA : I.R.I. Food and Drug Association.

ingredients: - Sour tea, jujube ,Mallow, raisins, marshmallow - 10 minutes brewing time .               The drink is available in a box measuring 9 x 9 x 13 cm and weighing 142 grams and contains 80 grams of sour tea, green tea, jujube and raisins, marshmallow and cheese..

This herbal tea is free of sugar, additives and preservatives .
To use this product, pour a tablespoon of tea, wash with cold water, then add boiling water and infuse for ten minutes..
You can taste the drink with its natural or sweet taste.
This drink can be consumed hot or cold.


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