Relaxing Herbal tea
80 gr

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 Herbal teas - Ingredients: Lemongrass, jujube, lemon

*IRI-FDA 12004

*IRI-FDA : I.R.I. Food and Drug Association.

 Herbal teas - Ingredients: Lemongrass, jujube, lemon

The product that we see is "Mehrma" brand.
The drink is available in a can with dimensions of 9 x 9 x 13 cm and weighs 142 grams and contains 80 grams of a mixture of lemon balm, jujube and lemon juice..
This herbal tea is free of sugar, additives and preservatives .
Lemongrass is soothing and cures stomach upsets and relieves nerves and migraines..
The jujube used in this drink also has antioxidants and is sedative.
Jujube is also useful for obesity, anemia and helping to treat diabetes.
Also, the lemon in this tea is soothing and reduces stress.
Lemon is also useful in treating migraines and colds.
To use this product, pour a tablespoon of tea, wash with cold water, then add boiling water and infuse for ten minutes.


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