Herboca is a productive, procedural and sales Herbal Store specializing in Herbal Medicine and Medical Herbs, which has been established from 2005. Herboca Herbal Store has started its activity on the hillsides of the Sabalon mountains and the fertile and cultivated planes of the Aras river and the green forests of Fandoghloo which are located on the borders of Azerbaijan.

The long life span of the people of this area is among one of the significant traits of the domestic people in this region, which has originated from the nutrition of natural and organic plants and herbs in this region.

In the domain of Medical appliances of herbs, we must be precise in two areas of definition: Medical Herb and Herbal Medicine.Medical herbs and the effective substance extracted from them are used without creating any sort of difference in them just like the products used in the Apothecary.

Contrary to this Herbal Medicine is produced in Pharmacological Factories by applying the effective substance of one or more herbs and are used to control and cure diseases and assist physiological procedures of the body.

At this point, Herboca Herbal Store processes and produces more than 100 kinds of medicine, essence, oil and extracts in which are all 100% organic.

Also more than 50 precious kinds of  Medical Herbs are processed and produced in the Herboca Herbal Store.

The main goal of Herboca Herbal Store is to provide and sell the best and healthiest organic and herbal products throughout the world.