Dried Organic Sea-Buckthorn
    225 gr - 1/2 lb

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    Used as a dried fruit with a cold, dry mood and nature. Good source of Vitamin C deficiency and prevents infection in the body. Prevents diarrhea. Anti poison for stomach and intestine.

    Each pack contains 225 gr (1/2 lb) Dried Organic Sea-buckthorn.


    Vit K, Fiber, Calcium and anti oxidant.


    Good source of nutrition. Healthy, good for diabetes, pregnant women, children, stomach, skin, hair and liver. Good for heart, anti bloating. Also good for repeated urination. Prevents hiccups, prevents fever, bone constructor, creates loss of appetite, prevents headache and good for arthritis. Also prevents excessive bleeding in menstrual cycles. Good for the heart and short breath.

    Instructions and how to use

    Turn the sea-buckthorn into powder and pour milk on it in a glass. Then add honey and stir. Also comes in herbal teas and infusions. Eaten as a fruit in Asia.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    This dried fruit is very good for pregnant women since it prevents nausea in pregnant women. Also good source of nutrition during lactation.


    This fruit is not to be used for people who have constipation and mal-nutrition due to indigestion.


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