Musylium Forte

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    Treats constipation. Laxative. Treats chronic constipation, constipation during pregnancy, painful hemorrhoid, diaphragm inflammation, anorectal tightness, IBS and decreases cholesterol.

    Each pack contains 7 sachets of Musylium Forte.

    Instructions and how to use

    For children 6-12 : Daily 1-2 times, each time one sachet with water or liquid.

    For adults : Daily 1-2 times, each time 1-2 sachets with liquid.

    It is best to use this product at bedtime or in the morning. It is obligatory to drink one to several glasses of water after taking this medicine.

    For weight loss : Take one sachet half an hour before meal with liquid.

    Side effects

    In the beginning of using this product, slight stomach indigestion and feeling heavy may occur which by continuation of treatment, this side effect will disappear. Also allergic reactions have been reported with the consumption of this product.

    Drug interaction

    There exists several drug interactions for this product.


    This product is restricted for patients with pancreas problems, asthma, appendicitis, intestinal blockage and rectal bleeding.


    Keep product far from light, humidity and at below 25 degrees centigrade. Also keep product far from reach of children.


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