Lactol Sachet
    Anti Diarrhea

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    Used for infectious diarrheas, IBS, bloating, stomache ache, bad breath due to digestive disorder, decrease of the risk when diagnosed with repeated infections and increase of body resistance against infected bacteria.

    Each pack contains 30 Lactol Sachets.

    Instructions and how to use

    Product can be lifelong used in order to increase the defense system of the body. One to two sachets can be daily used with no side effects. If product is used only for diarrhea purposes, it must be used for one to two weeks and one sachet daily is adequate. Lactol Sachet is solvable in the form of powder in the mouth. Children who have a problem with swallowing the tablet can use the sachet and directly insert it in the mouth and enjoy the nice flavor of the sachet.


    This product is prohibited for patients who have low white blood cell counts such as aids, those undergoing chemotherapy or implant of body organs.

    Drug interactions

    The Lactol product must not be simultaneously used with antibiotics, since antibiotics destroy good bacteria apart from destroying bad bacteria at the same time. Therefore there must be at least two hours of time interval between the use of antibiotics and Lactol.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Product can be used during this time. No restrictions apply at this time.


    Product must be stored at normal room temperature.


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