Muscle Building

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    Used as a protein to increase body weight and muscles. Creates massive muscles. Turns into nitric oxide and helps body build protein. Heart health, chest pain, muscle building, repair wounds and improves male fertility. Reduces high blood pressure.

    Each pack contains 90 L-Arginine tablets.


    Nitric Oxide

    Instructions and how to use

    Supplement must be used in moderate doses, too much L-Arginine can cause death. Do not use if you are simultaneously using other medicine. For congestive heart failure patients 6-20 gr per day, for chest pain 3-6 gr per day for one month, for organic erectile dysfunction 5 gr per day and for preventing inflammation of the digestive track in premature infants 261 mgr added to oral feedings daily for 28 days.


    Eases inflammation of the digestive track in premature infants, controls blood sugar in people with diabetes.

    Side effects

    Gout, bloating, abdominal pain, airway inflammation, diarrhea, low blood pressure, blood abnormalities, allergies and worsening of asthma can be some side effects that may appear.


    Serious risks include:

    Serious illness or death in infants.

    Difficulty controlling blood pressure during surgery.

    Worsening of herpes flares.

    Increased risk of death after a heart attack.

    Interaction with Viagra and blood pressure medication.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Product should be used with a physician's consultation during this time.

    Drug interaction

    Medications for high blood pressure, increase of blood flow to the heart and Sildenafil interact with L-Arginine.


    Product must be kept at normal room temperature.


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