Kidney multivitamins

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    Essential vitamins and minerals, sugar  free.

    Contains 100 coated tablets.

    Vitamins are essential for the body's natural metabolism. Foods are the best source of vitamins and most people can get the vitamins they need with a proper diet. Unfortunately, in kidney patients, for reasons such as decreased appetite, drug interactions in this group of patients absorption of vitamins in food or excretion of vitamins through dialysis, is limited. Therefore, the needs of patients with advanced renal failure (End-Stage) who need hemodialysis and vitamin supplements are different from normal people.                                                                                             

    How to use

    The dosage of the product is determined by the treating physician based on the age, sex and physical condition of the patient.

    The usual dose of this product in adults with ESRD is one tablet orally daily after dialysis.

    This product should be used during pregnancy and lactation with a doctor's advice.


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