Lime Oral Drop
    Weight loss, Appetite Reducer

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    For weight loss and stability of weight. Reduces appetite.

    Each pack contains 15 ml Lime Oral Drop.


    Based on the existence of at least 12.5 mg limonen in every ml of the product.

    Instructions and how to use

    Three times a day, each time 20 drops accompanied by some fluids before each meal.


    Low blood pressure during pregnancy and lactation.( There are no adequate documents for the consumption of the product).

    Side effects

    Once used appropriately with the recommended dosage, no side effects are observed.

    Drug interactions

    No cases have been reported.

    Important notes

    Keep product far from reach of children.

    In traditional medicine, the nature of Limu Torshe Essence is known to be cold and humid. If after consumption of Limu Torshe drop any kind of weakness or frailty is felt, it is recommended to use Cumin Barij drop as a complimentary to this drop for weight loss according to the dosage prescribed in it's brochure.

    For weight loss Limu Torshe Barij drop is recommended to be used complimentary to Cumin Barij drop.

    For better physical fitness in the short term and better muscular operation in the long run, Limu Torshe drop can be accompanied with a high protein diet.

    Consumption and increase in the use of fruit, vegetables, wheat, barley and ready food fibers, decrease in the use of sugar, fat and increase in physical activity all have a great effect in weight loss.

    Immediately tighten lid of product firmly after consumption.

    Keep product far from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade room temperature.


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