Weight Loss

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    This product is used for weight loss.

    Each pack contains 25 mg Limutorsh - BE tablets.


    At least 12.5 mg limonene in each soft capsule and essential oil of Citrus aurantifolia.

    Effective substance


    Instructions and How to use

    Twice daily (at meal times lunch and dinner)  each time one soft capsule accompanied by some fluid before meals.


    Low blood pressure during pregnancy and breast feeding. ( there are enough documents for the consumption of the product)

    Side effects

    By appropriate use of the recommended dosage, there are no side effects observed.

    Drug interactions

    No cases reported.

    Important notes

    Keep product away from reach of children.

    For weight loss, the soft Limutorsh Barij capsule or soft Cumin Barij capsule is recommended.

    For better physical fitness in the short term, increase in muscle tone and better operation of muscles in the long run, you can apply the soft Limutorsh capsule with a pre-routine diet (more than 1.25 gr protein based on each desired and ideal kilogram weight of the body daily).

    Increase in the intake of vegetables, fruit, wheat, barley and grains, ready to use food fibers, decrease in consumption of sugar cubes, fats and increase in physical body activity (at least 30 minutes proper and average activity in most days of the week) play a great role in weight loss and maintaining it.

    Keep product away from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade.


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