Laxative, Reduces Cholesterol

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    Herbal bulk laxative, complementary treatment of obesity and lowering of cholesterol. Comes in different flavors with no preservatives. Wheat bran contains protein, mineral substances, vitamins and non solvent fibers including a combination of poly saccharids such as cellulose and hemi cellulose.

    Each box contains 20 sachets of P - Bran.


    7.5 gr wheat bran and 2.5 gr Psyllium husk.

    Instructions and How to use

    1 sachet, half an hour before meal, with plenty of fluids. (Maximum 4 sachets daily).

    Drug interactions

    Since some drugs are absorbed with delay or reduction, it is recommended to take P-Bran with at least 2 hours time interval with other medication.

    Side effects

    If taken according to the treatment dosage, it is completely safe and tolerable to use.


     This product is prohibited for patients with intestinal blockage and unknown stomach pains.


    There are no restrictions during pregnancy time and breast feeding.

    Important notes

    This product has been formalized to be taken with fluids and must not be taken in a dry form or with dry food. When consuming fiber compliments, it is recommended to take adequate amounts of fluid. (daily 6-8 glasses of water).

    Prevent using immediately before sleep.

    In order to maintain balance in metabolism of energy and to get appropriate results in weight loss diets, it is recommended to take P-Bran with daily exercise.

    Since the intake of vitamins and minerals may be low due to loss of appetite, it is recommended to take multi vitamin mineral capsules and tablets.


    Keep in a cool & dry place at below 30 degrees centigrade.


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