Lipoherb Capsules
    Blood Cholesterol, Bile Disorder

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    Treats high blood cholesterol and triglyceride. Prevents bile disorders.

    Each box contains 30 Lipoherb Capsules.


    Portulaca oleracea40.25 mg
    Trigonelia foenum-graecum11.5 mg
    Cynara scolymus219.2 mg
    Anethum graveolens23.1 mg
    Dry powder of Berberis vulgaris109.6 mg
    Dry powder of Fenugreek seeds109.6 mg

    Chlorogenic acid

    14.5 mg

    Instructions and How to use

    Adults and children more than 12 years of age should use this product 3 times a day. Each time 1 capsule before meal.

    Side effects

    People who are sensitive to herbal medication should use this product with care.


    Since there exists Cynara Scolymus in this product, it must not be taken if you have severe liver problems such as blockage of bile track, severe viral Hepatitis and Jaundice.

    If any allergy to the Casny family of herbs or Cynara Scolymus exits, this product should not be taken.

    Pregnancy and Breast feeding

    This product is prohibited for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.


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