Liver Disorder

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    This product is used to stimulate liver metabolism, treatment of liver disorder, hepatitis B and liver fibrosis. Also Eczema, Constipation, Haemorrhoid and Varicose veins is cured by this product. This product is provided from leaves & branches of Vitis vinifera and Fragaria vesca.

    Each pack contains 200 chewable Hepatoheal tablets.


    This product contains 62 mg cyanidine 3-glycoside in each tablet.

    Instructions and How to use

    Usual consumption of this product:

    Adults and above 12 years of age: Three times daily and each time 1-2 tablets chewed properly before meal.

    Ages 6-12: Three times daily, each time one tablet chewed before meal.

    Ages below 6 years: Three times daily, each time half a tablet chewed before meal.

    Children under three years of age should receive the tablets in a crushed form.

    The recovery time of chronic diseases is based upon the opinion of the consulting physician. If you forget and miss to take one turn of your usage of this product, do not double the next intake of the product.


    If there exists any sort of sensitivity or allergy to the parts of the product.

    Side effects

    Allergic reactions occur in very rare cases and situations. In this case the consumption of the product must be stopped and you must consult your physician. In the case of occurrence of any sort of side effect, please consult your physician or pharmacologist.

    Drug interactions

    No cases have been reported.

    Pregnancy and breast feeding

    Just similar to other medicine, usage of this product during pregnancy and breast feeding should be done after consulting your physician or pharmacologist.

    Effects on the ability to drive or the ability to use machinery

    No special handling with care is needed.

    Important notes

    Product must be kept far from reach and sight of children.

    Product must be kept at 15-20 degrees centigrade and in a completely sealed container.

    Prevent using expired medicine.


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