Anti Oxidant, Cholesterol Decrease

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    For prevention of Atherosclerosis, decrease of cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride, increase of HDL, Hypoglycemic, Anti oxidant and hepatoprotective, IBS and Functional dyspepsia.

    Each pack contains 100 Atheromod - B tablets.


    Based on at least 2.21 mg chlorogenic acid in each tablet.

    Instructions and How to use

    Twice daily, each time 1-2 tablets with meal.


    This product is prohibited in cases of blockage of biliary track and the existence of allergy to the Chicory group of plants. In the existence of Gallstone, it must be used only with your physician's consultation.

    Side effects

    The consumption safety and ability to absorb, which has been recorded in clinical studies is very good. No allergic reaction has been reported after the intake of the food, whatsoever close contact with the fresh plant can cause contact dermatitis.

    Drug interactions

    No such has been announced.

    During pregnancy and breast feeding

    No document has proved any disadvantage of this product during this stage, but anyhow excessive use of this product is forbidden.

    Important notes

    The increase of blood fat especially cholesterol is one of the well known universal reasons for the danger of the increase of Atherosclerosis, which is a popular illness in older ages and the reason for death. Usage of Atheromod - B tablet which has no side effects compared to other blood fat reducing medicine, is of great significance and help in the decrease of the danger of Atherosclerosis.

    If any allergic reactions occur, the use of the product must be terminated and you must consult your physician.

    Do not use expired products.

    Product must be kept far from reach and sight of children and at 15-30 degrees centigrade in product box.


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