Habolmoql Moqlenjan
    Reduces Blood Sugar, Blood Fat

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    Reduces blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure. Product is useful in Hemorrhoids and acts as a laxative. Reduces joint pains. If taken to the right amount in the middle of each meal, it has great effects in reducing stomach fat.

    Each pack contains 50 Habolmoql Moqlenjan tablets.


    30 gr herbal Terminala chebula, Indian bdellium, Kitty and Fig.

    Instructions and How to use

    Take 1-3 tablets daily in the middle of meals based on age and need. ( 2-3 meals a day)

    (In any circumstance, a known physician's prescription is preferred over principles and products of traditional medicine).

    Cautious use

    Severe liver disorders, pregnant women, low sugar and blood pressure and diarrhea patients.

    Side effects

    No side effects have been seen.


    Should be kept in dry, cool area away from light. Lid must be kept closed firmly.

    Important notes

    Adequate daily activity, correct chewing and proper food diet.

    Product is completely herbal with no side effects. If taken at an excessive amount, it may cause diarrhea and low blood pressure and blood sugar.

    According to the general rule of nature and the body's better adaptation to external compounds and its' better, more complete results, the product should first be taken at lower dose and slow increase of dose is recommended.


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