Hirsutan Cream
    wipes away extra facial hair

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    Wipes away extra facial hair.

    Each tube contains 30 gr Hirsutan Cream.


    Each gram of hirsutan cream is composed of 0.1 gr hydro alcoholic dense extract of the following herbs: Datura Stramonium, Hyoscyamus niger and Conium maculatum.

    Instructions and how to use

    Clean the area at night and rub a thin layer of the creme on the area and massage. The creme must stay on the area for at least 2 hours. Also use of this creme must carry on for at least six months consistently.


    Prevent using the creme if there is a cut or injury on the skin. Individuals who have irregular heart beat or glucom are recommended not to use the product.

    Side effects

    If this creme is used to an excessive amount, it may get absorbed and cause mouth dryness, tachicardy, iris enlargement, blockage of urine and in very rare cases vision disorder and hallucinations.


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