Dried Organic Thyme
    125gr - 1/4lb

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    Thyme is an aromatic, evergreen herb in the mint family Lamiaceae, relatives of oregano. Used for bronchitis, whooping cough, sore throat, colic, arthritis, upset stomach, gastritis, diarrhea, Dyspraxia and skin disorders.

    Each pack contains 125 gr (1/4 lb) Dried Organic Thyme.


    Based on 54% thymol which is aromatic, oregano (with carvacrol), phenol content including apigenin which is an anti oxidant.


    Also known to cure parasitic worm infections, intestinal gas, bedwetting, increase urine flow, disinfect the urine and as an appetite stimulant. Also used as counterirritant, for hoarseness, swollen tonsils, sore mouth and bad breath. Germ killer, fights baldness and ear infections. Dental varnish to prevent tooth decay. Food flavoring agent, oil used in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and toothpaste. It relieves muscle spasms. Has anti oxidant effects.

    Side effects and Safety

    Thyme is safe when consumed in normal food amounts. It is safe when taken by mouth for short periods of time. In some people, it can cause digestive system upset, headache or dizziness. Thyme oil is safe when applied to the skin. In some people, applying the oil to the skin can cause irritation. There isn't enough information to know whether thyme oil is safe to take by mouth in medicinal doses. Thyme may cause allergies in some people. It may cause bleeding disorders if taken in large amounts. It may also cause hormone sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids.


    There isn't enough information to know whether thyme oil is safe for children when applied to the skin or taken by mouth. Since thyme slows down blood clotting, stop using it two weeks before a scheduled surgery.

    Pregnancy and breast feeding

    Safe for pregnant and breast feeding women when consumed in normal food amounts. But it's not known whether it's safe to use thyme in larger medicinal amounts. Stick to natural amounts in food if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

    Drug interactions

    Medication that slow blood clotting interacts with Thyme.


    Dosage depends on user's age and health. Follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician.


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