Kharatin Oil - male
    Men's Sexual Organ Enlargement

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    Increases diameter and length of sexual organ in men (penis). makes penis enlargement.

    Contains 30 mg Organic Kharatin Oil (Leech oil).


    No chemical or hormonal substances exist in this product. This product includes fennel oil, rue oil and ginseng.

    Lateral applications

    Helps erection. In long penises, patients with diabetes, drug addicts and men above 60 years of age, due to the decrease in blood pumping and circulation, erection does not take place properly, which in this case Kharatin Pourshia oil is of significant help and cure.

    Helps delay ejaculation. When good erection takes place, there is a delay and sexual partner will experience more pleasure and early sexual climax which is orgasm occurs for the partner due to a better quality of penis.

    Mechanism of effect

    Since the tissues of the sexual organ of men have a spongy form, growth of the penis will gradually start due to the increase in blood circulation and blood pumping and will reach its desired shape without any side effects or decrease in sexual pleasure.

    Instructions and how to use

    Twice daily, each time massage for three minutes on the desired organ of the body and wash several hours later if necessary. For external use only.


    It is recommended not to use the product on the head of the penis, since it is the entrance to the Urethra. Also if there are any wounds, scars, skin inflammations or sexually transmitted diseases in the area, product must not be used. Sexual organ must be washed and cleaned before sexual intercourse so that it does not enter the vagina in that state.

    Period of recovery

    After 5 months of use, there is an increase in the diameter of the penis in men and after 8 months there is an increase in the length of the penis.

    Side effects

    No side effects.


    Product must be stored at 15-30 degrees centigrade, far from reach and sight of children. Product expires 3 years after production date.


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