Anti Acne

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    Anti acne topical gel. Effective in clearing acne and logaris defects and stains due to the existing essence of tea tree.

    Each tube contains 15 gr Acne Gel.

    Instructions and how to use

    Apply gel twice times daily on the required area after cleansing the skin with non sensitive and weak cleansing lotion. For external use only.


    Tea tree (Malaleuca alternifolial), essential oil 5% which has been standardized based on at least terpinen 4 1.5% as well as metronidazole 1%.

    Side effects

    Allergic contact dermatitis, mild rash, skin dryness, skin irritation, itchiness and watery eyes. Excessive application of the product may cause a headache.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    No adequate evidence indicative of the product's harmlessness during pregnancy and breast feeding has been reported.


    Be aware not to apply the product around the eyes or anywhere close to your eyes. Do not apply onto a skin with eczema. If allergic reaction appears, stop use. No therapeutic use for children.


    Having washed the intended spot with a weak non -allergenic cleanser, apply Acdin gel onto the spot and continue application for 9 weeks, twice a day.

    Drug interactions



    Store below 30 degrees centigrade, protect from light and moisture.


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