Rosemary Tonic
    Hair tonic

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    Hair and eyebrow tonic. Lotion for hair and eyebrow loss and strengthening.

    Each bottle contains 30 ml Rosemary Tonic.


    Rosmarinus officinalis

    Myrtus communis
    Zataria multiflora
    Allium sativum
    Extract of utica dioica

    Instructions and How to use

    For hair treatment

    Day and night, each time at least 2 minutes of use: 15 to 20 drops for men and 25 to 30 drops for women. Massage the rosemary lotion with the tips of your fingers in the desired area.

    For eye brow treatment

    Day and night each time at least 2 minutes to rub: 1 to 3 drops of the rosemary lotion should be rubbed on the eyebrows with the tip of your fingers. (no need to be massaged)

    For treatment of dandruff, embed your scalp with adequate amount of the lotion and massage gently.


    During pregnancy, patients with blood pressure and migraine headaches should consult their doctor.

    Side effects

    There is a chance of skin rash if used at a high amount or for sensitive people.

    Recommended points

    This lotion should not be taken orally.

    Rosemary lotion must be kept away from children.

    Immediately after use, lotion must be closed firmly, kept between 15-30 degrees centigrade and protected from light.

    After 4-5 weeks of proper and precise use, termination of hair loss is usually identified, and with continuation of use, the growth of new hair is provoked.

    Rosemary lotion causes thin hair to strengthen.

    Prevent any contact of the lotion with the eyes. In case contact of the lotion with eyes occurs and eye soreness or tears are seen: first when eyes are closed, clean the area around the eyes and on the eye lids with a cotton swab tipped in olive oil or sesame oil. Then wash the eyes for 15 minutes with clean water.

    At least for 2 hours after using the rosemary lotion, do not wash the tipped area so that the product is well absorbed in that area.

    Prevent any pressure on the hair by using accessories for the hair such as hair bands, clips and so forth. Also applying any sort of hair dryer or sechoir is forbidden during treatment period.

    In case of any skin allergy occurring or seen, please contact your physician.


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