Sweet Almond Oil
    Anti Aging, Skin Therapy

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    Sweet almond oil is one of the most traditional medicines for the treatment of diseases and has long been used in different countries. Beside its medicinal use, it has nutritional benefits as well. Each bottle contains 18ml of Sweet Almond Oil.

    Nutritional and Medicinal Benefits

    This product comes from the almond tree which is one of the daisies of red rose plants. A tree with a height of 8 meters, with uncovered young branches, first green and then red brownish The almond tree mostly grows in the northwest and west of Iran.

    Sweet almond oil is a great source of manganese and vitamin (E), is also a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium and vitamin (B 2). Sweet almonds contain 50 to 55 percent oil. Nutritionists recommend that everyone of any age at any given time can use 4 to 5 daily doses to take advantage of the valuable properties of this plant.

    Sweet almond oil is mostly used in cosmetics, there are two kinds of them; sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil. Regular use of sweet almond oil can be a great way to keep you young and reduce the wrinkles especially when you noticed them in your middle ages. This oil is also consumed in food and can be used in cooking.

    It is known for one of the best oils for massage therapy and relieves muscle aches.The use of this oil helps treat hair loss, hair loss and dandruff, and it increases the smoothness of your skin.This oil is applied to the face and body skin, making it soft and hydrated. Use of sweet almond oil is useful for treating dryness and cracked lips too.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Sweet almonds have all the elements and vitamins needed for pregnant women, because of its significant amounts of folic acid. Folic acid during pregnancy, during cell division, growth of newborns and growth of the spinal cord and fetal brain is very much useful. Therefore, women should use almonds in their pregnancy in addition to folic acid supplementation. The use of sweet almond oil in pregnancy also helps prevent and treat skin cracks during pregnancy.

    Side Effects

    Excessive consumption of sweet almonds may also cause obesity and overweight in people. Almond digestion is difficult, it can also cause bloating and constipation in some people. According to nutrition experts, eating up to 10 almonds per day is enough for the body.


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