Hormone Disorder, Menopause Symptoms

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    PMS and menopause disorders. Prevents menopause side effects, breast pains, stabilizer of hormone disorders, prevents ovarian laziness and decreases or blocks Fiber Cysts.

    Each pack contains 30 coated Vitagnus tablets.


    Each coated tablet is based on 2.1-3.3 mg Acubin.

    Instructions and how to use

    Twice a day (day and night) , each time one tablet before meal accompanied by some water. If necessary, product dosage can be increased up to two times a day. Product must be used during menstruation and there is no special time for the start of the product.

    Important notes

    Keep product far from reach of children.

    Do not use product after it has been expired and expiration date has passed.

    Use product on time and at identified time intervals. If one turn of usage has been forgotten, do not double the next turn of usage.

    Side effects

    Since more than 2 thousand years has passed of using Woman's Herb and its' new products in the recent years, no important side effects have been reported from it. In only 1-3% of patients, consumption of this product may cause acne, body itchiness, nausea and diarrhea. In this case, if these side effects continue, terminate using product and consult your physician.


    For a very low percentage of people, consumption of this product may increase menstruation bleeding during the first or second month of usage. In this case, you may terminate usage and after two weeks continue using the product to a less amount. If severe bleeding continues, you must discontinue use of product.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Product is prohibited during these times.


    Keep far from reach and sight of children.


    Product must be kept at below 30 degrees centigrade and far from humidity.


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