Melagol Gel
    anti acne

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    Anti Acne.

    Each tube contains 30 gr Melagol gel.


    In every 100 gr gel of this product there exists: 5 gr tea tree oil with other effective herbal substances such as rosemary, humamelis, medical infusions such as hydro statin, mountain fruit, yarrow and bergamount essences, chamomile, mint, camphor oil and aloe vera oil.

    Instructions and how to use

    After cleaning your face, rub the gel night and day on the effected area with clean fingers. If necessary repeat the action.


    Individuals who are sensitive to herbal drugs should use this product with care. If eczema exists, product is prohibited to be used.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    There are no reports announced on the restriction of this product during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore product is allowed to be used during this time.


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