Prostatic Hyperplasia

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    Helps to relieve Prostatic Hyperplasia Symptoms. Decreases symptoms related to the enlargement of prostate such as repeated urination, burn and pain during urination.

    Each bottle contains 30 ml Prostaten Herbal Drop.


    Extracts of

    Urtica dioica roots and leaves   30%

    Cucurbita pepo seeds               20%

    Tribulus terrestris herb             20%

    Matricoria recutita flowers         20%
    Pimpinela anisum fruits             10%
    Stands on                                45-50 mg
    Total Flavanoids in                    100 ml                  

    Instructions and how to use

    Take 30-40 drops three times daily in a cup of water after each meal. Prostaten may be used for a period of at least 6-12 months.

    Side effects

    Slight digestive system side effects may occur. Also allergic side effects may occur in patients sensitive to herbal medicine.


    Product must be kept at below 30 degrees centigrade and far from reach of children.


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