Mycozin Vaginal Cream
    Women's Health

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    Vaginal cream with 7 separate applicators.

    Contains 1/2 - 0.8 mg of allele

     Concentrated aqueous extract of garlic, chamomile essence oil, thyme essence oil and lavender essence oil.

    Cardboard box - 50 g

    This cream has a special therapeutic effect for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the vagina.

    In general, after one or two uses, rapid and relative recovery is achieved, but it is recommended that you complete the course of treatment for complete recovery.


    Use an in-vaginal applicator for at least 7 consecutive nights. For ease o use and prevention of contamination, 7 separate applicators are placedf inside the box of Mycosin cream.

    Store below 25 ° C and out of reach of children.


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