Anti Migraine

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    Prevents migraine attacks and headaches that are caused by anxiety and stress.

    Each bottle contains 30 ml Anti Migraine.


    1- Fennel Seed      Foeniculum Vulgare           30%

    2- Root of Valerian  Valerianna Officinalis       30%

    3- Skin of the stem of Willow   Salix alba        20%

    4-Leaf of Lemon Balm  Melissa Officinalis        20%

    Instructions and how to use

    If first signs and symptoms of headache appear, take 30-40 drops, this amount must be repeated later and in order to prevent attacks, take 20-30 drops, twice daily.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    The safety of this product during pregnancy and lactation has not been proved.

    Drug interactions

    Simultaneous use of this product with products that contain salisilat is prohibited. If this product is taken simultaneously with tranquilizers, the effect of the tranquilizers will increase.


    1- Excessive use of this product may cause drowsiness, therefore be careful in driving or working with machines.

    2- For patients sensitive to salisilic acid, asthma, peptic ulcers, hemophilia, blood clotting disorders and low protromobine of blood, this product must be taken with care.


    Store product at room temperature.


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