Diasin RX
    Anti Depressant

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    Supplement that prevents depression. Used for healthy blood sugar support. Balances insolin and triglyceride levels of blood by anti oxidant activities.

    Each pack contains 30 Diasin RX tablets.


    50 mg corcuma longa, 500 mg cinnamomum longa, 250 mg trigonella foenum graecum and 100 mg momordica charantia.


    Helps prevent depression and nervous system problems. Prevents growth of cancer cells and cancer. Decreases danger of capturing cardiovascular diseases. Decreases bad blood cholesterol levels such as LDL. Also decreases joint pains.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Before using this supplement during pregnancy and lactation, consult your physician.

    Instructions and how to use

    Two tablets can be taken daily accompanied by meals for children above 12 years and adults.


    This product is a supplement and is not used for diagnosis, prevention or cure of diseases. Consult physician before use of any medicine other than Diasin RX.


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