Pasipay Drop
    Insomnia, Muscular tension

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    For anxiety, insomnia and muscular tension treatment.

    Each bottle contains 30 ml Pasipay Oral Drop.


    Every 100 ml of drop contains 11-15 mg flavonoids based on hyprosoids.

    Instructions and how to use

    For children between 2-6 years of age, product must be taken three times daily each time 6 drops and 10 drops at sleep time. For children above 6 years of age and adults, product must be taken three times daily, each time 10 drops and 25-30 drops at sleep time. Product must be solved and diluted in some water before use.

    Side effects

    Slight digestive side effects such as diarrhea or stomach cramps and severe drowsiness may appear due to high dosage use.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    This product is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


    During pregnancy and lactation for children under 2 years of age and patients with severe digestive problems.

    Drug interactions

    Simultaneous use of Pasipay with anti bloodclotting and anti platelet medicine mat cause bleeding.

    Simultaneous use of Pasipay with tranquilizers, anti depressant and anti histamine medicine may cause extreme drowsiness and mental disorder.

    Simultaneous use of Pasipay with MAOLs may intensify the effect of this medicine, therefore it is recommended not to use this product simultaneously.


    Product must be kept far from reach of children.


    The probable existence of sediment in herbal solutions does not reduce their therapeutic effectiveness.


    Product must be kept far from light, at 20-25 degrees centigrade and away from freezing conditions.


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