Ahura Sleep Syrup
    Kid's Insomnia

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    For treatment of insomnia in children during night, creates natural and peaceful sleep for children during night.

    Each bottle contains 60 ml Ahura Sleep Syrup.


    Crataegus oxyacantha, Melissa officinalis, Matricaria recutita, Passiflora incarnata, Origanum majorana, Lavandula officinalis, Citrus bigaradia extract. Each 5 ml of syrup contains 5.6 mg total hydroxycinamic acid based on rozmarinik acid.

    Instructions and how to use

    For children under 4 years of age, apply 5 ml before bedtime.

    For children above 4 years of age, apply 10 ml before bedtime.

    Product must be used two to three weeks under the consultation of a physician.


    If patient is using heart and blood diluent medication, consult your physician before use of this product.

    Side effects

    If used at recommended dosage, no side effects exist. Excessive legal use of product may cause digestive problems, allergy, fatigue, anxiety, heart beat, dizziness and headache.

    Drug interactions

    Prevent simultaneous use of this product with anti bloodclotting medicine, digogsin, blood diluent medicine and benzodiazzini medicine.


    Product must be kept at below 25 degrees centigrade, in a cool and dry place, far from reach of children.


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