Be. Be. Cold
    Anti Cold

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    Cold rub cream. Anti cold cream and nasal congestion for children.

    Each tube contains 28 gr of Be.Be. Cold ointment.


    Eucalyptus essence 2%, Menthol 1.5%, Thyme essence 0.5%.

    Based on 10-20 mg sineol, 12-18 mg Menthol and 4-6 mg thymol in each tube.

    Instructions and how to use

    Used in infants from three months of age and older. Product must be used under a physician's observation for younger children. Product must be used a couple times a day in a topical form on the area of the breast and neck.

    Side effects

    This product may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.


    1- Non edible, for topical use only.

    2- Do not rub this product on the tip of nose of children.

    3- If any allergies occur during use of product, discontinue use of product.

    4- This product can be used in infants three months of age and older. For use in younger infants, consult your physician.


    Keep far from reach of children. Do not use if product is expired.


    Keep product at normal room temperature. Store in a cool and dry place.


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