Licophar (Lozenge)
    Cold Relief

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    Used as a medication to help relieve cold, anti inflammatory for mouth and throat mucus and phlegm creator. Prevents voice hoarseness and sore throat. Heals irritated and provoked vocal cords.

    Each pack contains 30 coated Licophar Lozenges.


    Extract of liquorice, eucalyptus, red pepper and menthol. The most effective substance of licophar lozenge is glycerizine (6%-10%), which is transformed to acid glycirtenic by the intestinal bacteria. Dry extract of liquorice contains 5.12 mg, eucalyptus essence 1.07 mg and capsium tincture contains 0.14 mg.

    Instructions and how to use

    One lozenge every six hours must be used for at least three days.

    Side effects

    This product must not be excessively used since excessive use of liquorice causes symptoms of Hibraldostronism which is intake of sodium and water in which increases blood pressure and therefore the control of blood sugar in diabetic patients becomes very difficult due to the creation of Hypocalemi.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Avoid using this product during pregnancy. This product must be used with care during lactation.


    Due to the existing sucrose in this product, diabetic patients should use this product with care.


    This product is not recommended for patients with high blood pressure.


    Store at normal room temperature.


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