Anti Cough, Anti Tussive

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    Herbal anti tussive, anti cough sugar free and Phlegm creating syrup.

    Each pack contains 120ml of Diatussin Syrup.


    Each 5 ml contains 750 mg of fluid extract of Thymus vulgaris (Equivalent to 1.6 mg Thymol)

    Instructions and How to use

    Children above 6 years: 1-2 small spoons 3 times daily.

    Kids between 1 to 6 years of age: one small spoon, 3 times daily.

    Adults: 3 times daily, each time 1 table spoon.


    Due to the existence of sparthum in people diagnosed with Phenyl Cotonory, no restrictions exist.

    Must not be used for patients diagnosed  with genetic Fructose intolerance, due to existing sorbital. Must also not be taken for patients with kidney and liver diseases.

    Special cases of use

    Usage of this product for patients with diabetes is allowed only under the supervision of their physician.

    Use during pregnancy and breast feeding

    No side effects have been proven during this period of time. Therefore if necessary, use under the supervision of a physician.


    Must be kept at below 30 degrees centigarde and away from children.


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