Biophyta Gol Mohammadi Syrup
    Rosa domascena-Laxative

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    Natural herbal syrup to smooth intestinal muscle contractions and prevent constipation.

    Each bottle contains 120 ml of herbal extract of Rosa domascena.


    Each bottle contains herbal extract of: Rosa damascena, brown sugar 30 gr in 100 gr of syrup, campherol and quercetin flavonoids, 20-40 mg of flavonoids in 100 ml of the syrup.

    Instructions and How to use

    30 ml daily.

    For children and elderly:

    People above 12 years old and the elderly can take the medication without a problem.

    Important notes

    Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

    Possible sediments do not impair the syrup quality in this circumstance. Shake well before use.

    Keep out from reach of children.

    Consult your physician before taking.


    Store at below 30 degrees centigrade.

    The syrup is consumable up to one month after opening it. Stored below 30 degrees centigrade.

    During pregnancy

    Must not be taken.

    Side effects

    No side effects have been reported.

    Drug interactions

    Not to be reported.


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