C-Lax 25

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    Introducing C-Lax, your ultimate solution for a healthy digestive system! Developed by Dineh Company, these herbal digestive tablets are specially formulated to prevent constipation in adults and children provide relief from spasms. With their unique blend of natural ingredients, C-Lax is incredibly effective and gentle on your stomach. Each bottle contains 25 tablets, ensuring a lasting supply of digestive support. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a smoother, more comfortable lifestyle with C-Lax!

    Discover the natural and effective solution for relieving constipation with C-Lax Herbal Tablets. Specifically formulated to address constipation caused by weakened intestinal movements, these herbal tablets offer a gentle and reliable remedy.

    Packaging and Formulation

    C-Lax Herbal Tablets come in convenient packaging options:

    • Box: Contains 3 blister packs of 10 tablets each
    • Bottle: Contains 25 tablets

    Benefits and Uses

    C-Lax Herbal Tablets are specially designed to alleviate constipation. By promoting regular bowel movements and preventing intestinal sluggishness, these tablets offer the following benefits:

    • Relieves constipation caused by weakened intestinal function
    • Supports gentle and natural bowel movements
    • Helps prevent stool dryness and discomfort
    • Suitable for adults and children

    How C-Lax Herbal Tablets Work

    The key active ingredient in C-Lax Herbal Tablets is senna (Sennosides). When ingested, sennosides are transformed into active metabolites, specifically rhein anthrone derivatives, by the normal gut flora in the large intestine. The pharmacological effects of sennosides involve two main mechanisms:

    Increased Active Chloride Secretion

    Sennosides stimulate the secretion of active chloride in the large intestine, resulting in increased water and electrolyte content in the bowel.

    Enhanced Colonic Motility

    Sennosides also promote colonic motility, accelerating the transit of bowel contents and reducing the absorption time of fluids.

    Recommended Dosage

    For adults and children aged 12 years and above:

    • Take 1 to 2 tablets daily as needed

    For children aged 10 to 12 years:

    • Take half the adult dosage

    For younger children, it is recommended to use C-Lax Herbal Syrup.

    For elderly individuals, start with half the usual adult dose and adjust as needed.

    Drug Interactions

    Caution should be exercised when using products containing senna along with cardiac glycosides, antiarrhythmics, estrogen, indomethacin, or nifedipine, as they may interact with sennosides and alter their effects.

    Possible Side Effects

    Common side effects may include a harmless discoloration of urine to reddish-brown or yellow. In sensitive individuals, abdominal pain and spasms may occur. In such


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