Amino Plus 6800
    Muscle Volume

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    Increases muscle volume without increase in fatty lumps. Prevents muscular shrinking after exercise and competition. Helps decrease appetite.

    Each pack contains 90 Amino Plus 6800 tablets.


    Concentrated cheese water protein, L - Losene, L - iso Losene, L - valin, L - arginine Hydrochloride and L - Tourin.

    Instructions and how to use

    Used as a dietary supplement, twice daily and each time three tablets (total 6 tablets) taken with water or fruit juice. In order to gain better results, take tablets between meals immediately after exercise or before bedtime.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Avoid at this time due to the amino acid present in the product.

    Side effects

    When taken up to six months, oral supplements have not often been linked with harmful side effects. However, side effects may include nausea and pain.


    If any allergy appears, discontinue use of product. Patients who have kidney failure or any special diseases must consult a physician or nutrition specialist before taking this product. Due to the existing phenyl alanin amino acid in this product, patients with phenyl cotonoori are prohibited to use this product.

    Drug interaction

    Divalent and trivalent cations/tetracyclines.


    Store at normal room temperature.


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