Stimulating Appetite

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    Stimulates appetite, prevents hiccup.

    Each pack contains 15 ml oral drop of Tarragon.


    Based on at least 12 mg Methyl Chavicol in every ml of the product.

    Instructions and how to use

    In order to stimulate and provoke appetite, use product three times daily to an amount of 10-20 drops accompanied by some liquid before meal.

    In order to prevent hiccup, eat a sugar cube endorsed to 1-2 drops of Tarragon.

    Do not take medicine more than the amount recommended.


    During pregnancy and children under 4 years of age.

    Side effects

    With appropriate consumption of the amounts recommended, no side effects are observed.

    Drug interactions

    No cases have been reported based on drug interactions, nevertheless products containing tarragon may slightly reduce blood sugar, dilute blood and block blood platelet gatherings. Therefore simultaneous consumption of this product with items that reduce blood sugar and anticlot medicine can increase this effect.

    Recommended points

    Keep this product far from reach of children.

    Close lid immediately after use and away from light. Store at 15-30 degrees room temperature.


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