Plaque Control, Gum Disinfectant

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    Mouthwash that Controls Microbial Plaque growth of teeth, gum and oral cavity disinfectant, inflammatory gum (Gingival) and oral cavity lesions and antivirus.

    Each pack contains 30 ml mouthwash drop of Matrica.


    Based on the existence of 0.09-0.17 mg Camazolen in every ml of the product.

    Instructions and how to use

    Pour 50-60 drops of Matrica Mouthwash in half a glass of water and gargle at least 3 times a day each time 30 minutes.


    Allergy to the Chicory group of plants and herbs, pregnancy time, lactation and children under the age of 6.

    Side effects

    If used appropriately and to the recommended amount, no side effects have been observed. Nevertheless if any allergic reactions, stomache ache, allergy in the area of the throat, inflammation of the lips or hives spread and appear, usage of the product must be stopped and consultation to a physician is necessary.

    Drug interactions

    Due to the existence of Cumarin compositions in Chamomille, prevent using product simultaneously with anticlotting medicine.

    Important notes

    This product is not edible.

    Close lid immediately after use, store at room temperature and keep far from reach of children.

    Product must be used with great care in Acute Febrile illnesses, Heart Failure and Hypertension.

    Product has 55% Ethanol volume.


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