Salvia ZB
    Cold Sore

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    Herbal topical liquid for cold sore with Salvia extract and Thujone used as a complimentary product only and not to cure, prevent or diagnose illness.

    Each bottle contains 15 ml of Salvia ZB.

    Instructions and how to use

    Use three times a day, embed cotton swab with product and place cotton swab on the area.

    Period of use

    It is recommended to use this product when signs of cold sore appear and must be continued until desired result is reached.

    Important notes

    This product is topical and must be used only in the area of the cold sore. It is strictly forbidden to swallow the product.

    Product must be kept far from reach of children.


    Product must be kept in a cool and dry place and at below 25 degrees centigrade.


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