Denta Barij
    Dental Relief, Gum Disinfectant

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    Dental pain relief. Helps cure teeth and gum infections.

    Each tube contains 5 g of Denta Barij.


    Based on the existence of at least 5% phenolic tum based on Coersitin.

    Instructions and how to use

    Place about 250 mg of the paste on the area of pain or decay created in the tooth. Based on need, this procedure can be repeated 2-3 times daily. Obviously for any kind of toothache, you must refer to a dentist at your first convenient available time and not limit or confine yourself to the use of this paste.


    Only if there exists allergy and sensitivity to the components of this product.

    For children, during pregnancy and lactation.

    There are no adequate evidence for the use of children, pregnancy time and lactation period on the safety and effectiveness of this product.

    Side effects

    There is a chance of appearance of allergic reactions for some people.

    Drug interactions

    There are no adequate documents showing interactions of this product with other medicine.

    Important notes

    Keep product far from reach of children.

    Product must not be swallowed, although a small amount that is recommended will have contact with the saliva of the mouth and therefore swallowing this certain amount is of no danger.

    If more than the recommended amount of the product is swallowed, consultation to your physician is necessary.

    Keep product far from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade room temperature.

    Immediately close lid after use of product.


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