Zireh Barij
    Weight loss

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    Cumin oil, packed as capsules for Weight loss. manufactured by Barij Essence.

    Each pack contains 60 soft Zireh Barij capsules.


    Based on at least 3.75 mg cumin aldehyde in each soft capsule.

    Instructions and how to use

    Twice a day (during lunch and dinner). Each time one soft capsule accompanied by a liquid after each meal taken.


    During pregnancy and lactation.

    Side effects

    By using the appropriate prescribed amount, no side effect has been observed.

    Drug interaction

    No cases have been reported.

    Important notes

    Keep product away from reach of children.

    In order to loose weight, the two soft capsules of Zireh Barij Essence and Limotorsh Barij Essence have been recommended.

    In order to maintain a better, muscular and fit body, it is recommended to take this product with a full protein diet ( more than 1.25 gr of protein based on each kilogram desired weight of the body each day).

    Increase of the intake of vegetables, fruit, barley and wheat with fibers that reduce the use of fat and sugar, increase in body activity, all have a significant effect in weight loss.

    These soft capsules relieve intestinal and digestive pains accompanied by bloating.

    Immediately close cap after use of the product.

    Keep product away from light and at 15-30 degrees centigrade temperature.


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