Annab Barij Syrup
    Blood Diluent

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    Blood diluent, anti hyperviscosity and blood depuration syrup. (Adjuvant treatment of metabolic syndrome).

    Each bottle contains 120 ml Annab Barij Syrup.


    Based on 30-60 mg total phenolic. (Expressed in terms of gallic acid) in 5 ml of syrup .

    Instructions and how to use

    Three times a day, each time 2 table spoons to be taken.

    Side effects

    No specific side effects have been reported.


    Children are forbidden to use this product.

    Pregnancy and breast feeding

    This product must not be used during this period of time.


    Just like many other products, Annab Barij Syrup must be kept far from reach and sight of children.

    Product must be kept in a closed container, far from light and at a temperature of 15-30 degrees centigrade.


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