Organic Green Raisins
    450gr - 1lb

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    Organic Green Raisins are usually sun dried green seedless grapes. The sweet taste and texture makes it a great replacement for sugar in snacks, baked goods and cooking. They are dense sources of energy, vitamins, minerals, and anti oxidants.

    Each pack contains 450g (1 lb) Organic Green Raisins.

    Culinary use

    Green Raisins are rich in dietary fiber, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, and minerals like copper and iron, with a low fat content.They can contain up to 72% sugars by weight, most of which is fructose and glucose forming sucrose when combined in a single molecule. They also contain about 3% protein and 3.7%–6.8% dietary fiber.

    Medicinal use

    It used to relieve constipation, prevent anemia, build and maintain strong bones, teeth protection and lower your risk of cancer and heart disease.

    Side Effects

    They are full of sulfur dioxide which could aggravate asthma and other allergic reactions in sulfur sensitive people.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    Green Raisins help revitalize your system during pregnancy and they are a great source of nutrients which can be beneficial during lactation.


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