Muscular Pain

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    Prevents muscular pain and spasm, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic neuropathy. Also prevents muscular pain and spasms related to the nervous system and back bone pain.

    Each tube contains 30 gr Capsian.

    Instructions and how to use

    Use ointment 4 times daily, each time rub a small amount of the ointment on the painful area.


    In every 12 mg dry extract of the fruit of pepper plant there exists one gram of this product.

    Side effects

    When using this product, you may feel slight pain and soreness in the area where ointment has been used, which is temporary and will disappear very quickly.

    Pregnancy and lactation

    This product is allowed to be used during this time.


    This product must not be in contact with eye mucus or in areas where there are skin cracks.


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