first degree burns

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    This ointment is effective for the following situations: First degree burns (Sunburn and burns due to chemical substances). Second and third degree burns.

    Each tube contains 30 gr Bernagol Ointment.


    The main effective substance in this product is 25% of Betacitostrol, the basis of a rich ointment from sesame oil. In addition to this, 18 amino acids, 4 main fatty acids, vitamins and poly saccharides have also been added to the ingredients of this product.

    Instructions and how to use


    a- Minor burns or first degree burns can be healed with bernagol. A thin layer, about 1 mm can be rubbed on the surface of the burn. Wound can be kept open and also can be dressed with a sterile gas. Ointment must be used 3-4 times daily and if wound has a dressing, you may use the product twice daily.

    b- Second degree burn

    First stage - Blister

    A thin layer of the ointment must be rubbed on the burn area 3-4 times daily. The blister can be cleaned and the wound can be kept open or covered with a thin layer of sterile gas dressing and also a thickness of 3 mm. Cover the wound with the ointment twice daily. The second stage is the recovery stage where the ointment has to be rubbed less and the third stage is renovation in which the ointment is only used once daily. For third degree burns the ointment has to be used 3-4 times daily. If it is an open wound, use 3-4 times daily and if it is a closed wound use twice daily. For other wounds use the ointment with a sterile gas and rub the ointment twice daily.


    This ointment may change physically if exposed to heat for a long time, but it still will keep its property. Once using this product, prevent using other medication on the wound.

    Side effects

    The components of this product have a herbal (edible) origin and no side effects have yet been reported for this product. (only in rare cases of sensitivity to sesame oil).

    Pregnancy and lactation

    There are no restrictions for the use of this product during this time.


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